Friday, October 16, 2015

Angeethi BBQ

BBQ is something that is liked by a majority of life loving people around the world. It is an essential ingredient of family reunions and get-togethers besides solitary events like the one we had a  couple of nights before with my wife and son.

Although I usually use the BBQ apparatus, but since we moved into our new house, many things are still packed and stored on the roof hut of our house. As the 'audience' was to small, I decided to use the tradition coal-powered brazier, called 'Angeethi' in the Pakistan-India subcontinent.

As always, I am the main man behind the show to light up the coal, bring these to optimum burning level and then fry the meat-laded skewers. 

 Readying the coal

Soon the coal were red hot and ready for the about a dozen skewers to turn those into freshing cooked aromatic tikkas.

There is no parallel to the aroma of burning coal with meat juices that fell on them adding a unique combination which one cannot smell when going out. Although I was all by myself enjoying the aroma, with my wife occasionally coming out to see how 'things' were being done and seeing what was being done with her 'Khaddi' bag!!

While the coal were being readied or even when the tikkas were put over the coal to be cooked, I was also busy taking photos with my Galaxy S4, including some gif format shots too, which can be seen in this post. So the homemade chef's photography skills were equally being tested mainly for the purpose of this post.

After the entire lot of skewers was done, came the next step - frying a part of the trove into the frying pan with tomatoes, onions and green chilli.

In the gif below, you may be able to see the oil and juice of tikkas bubbling making up the dish into a heavenly food.


And wow - the dish was finally ready and we all devoured it till there was nothing left in it. 

Oh, before I forget, a few words of Khaadi bag I mentioned earlier. Well in the absence of a 'Pankhi or Pakkhi' or the hand held fan to boost up the burning of the coal, I used one of the Khaadi bags as improved Pakkhi - while my wife really felt sorry for the fate of a good bag which could have been used for some other purpose. Khaadi is a famous brand of unstitched / stitched cloth for women besides many other decoration fabrics. 

Well that was all about the Angeethi BBQ - do you do BBQ at your place too? If not try someday - there is no parallel to homemade tikkas. At least one is sure of the source and the animal!!

Photos credit: All photos including the gif format shots are taken by me. 

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