Saturday, March 2, 2013

Colourful Spring Signs

Gardening is one of the most creative hobbies of all. You plant saplings and seeds and then watch for the nature to sprout colourful flowers slowly changing the otherwise barren look of winters.

The Early Spring Signs

I being an avid gardening lover am also one of those who take pains all along the winter, starting November  preparing flower beds, buying seeds and saplings and planting these all along the winter. Protecting the fragile leaves from severe cold by shielding these with green cloth and cellophane sheets and tending these just like small kids.

What was just a few flowers two weeks ago are now bunch of colourful Nemesia and Musummary majestically shinning with their bright and multiple colours and freshness.

This is how the bed looked like about two weeks ago

And now that the spell of rains is seemingly over hopefully, the first signs of springs have started to show.

The remaining beds have blossomed with buds visible but flowers are still shy of the cold breeze whizzing past - may be they need a lot more warmth to come out of their buds and ornamate my little garden.

 Two weeks earlier
Today and still growing

Petunia in waiting

Hopefully soon enough I shall be able to write about my gardena dn my flowers when the entire carpet of these present these in a full turned out parade.


  1. Welcome spring. But who is Shi SJ?

  2. Thank you Shi SJ for your first post in Hobby Shobbys - we hope to see your garden full of flowers in your next post as promised.