Monday, March 4, 2013

Spitfire - made of Egg Boxes

Hobbyists are starnge people - they can go to any extenet flexing the muscles of their innovative minds and coming out things that are not only eye catching but mind boggling as well.

Take for isntance the egg boxes that we buy eggs in almost routinely. What does an ordinary do like me and you? Well throw away the egg box after eating all the eggs. But some innovative hobbyist who makes things out of everything won't throw away these empty boxes.

Instead they will make a lifesize Spitfire out of it.

Yes that is exactly what a pair of hobbyists spent six weeks in crafting a life size Spitfire from some 6,500 empty egg boxes. Charlotte Austen, 27, and Jack Munro, 26 also used five litres of glue, 5,000 nails, ten litres of paint and 10,000 staples. In addition to that, they also used 772 ft of wooden batten, 100 square metres of canvas and 82 ft of steel.

The 36ft-long Supermarine Spitfire was constructed using Eggs for Soldiers cartons and will go on display at Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridgeshire, reports Mail Online.

The aircraft did not come cheap: While constructing the model the pair also drank 120 cups of tea and chomped their way through six packets of chocolate hob nobs and 18 cream eggs.

Jack added: ‘The project has been hectic due to the enormous amount of work, which resulted in a number of sleep-deprived nights.

‘There were a few bangs and accidents along the way too - one our helpers even had to go to A&E for stitches after she slipped and sliced a chunk of her thumb off.

‘I suffered a gash to the head after bumping into the model and also got the inevitable cuts and bruises you would expect with building a model like this.


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