Friday, February 8, 2013

Let me tell you why I smiled

Blogging, and blogging, and yet more blogging - this is what my friend SAJS emphasizes to be 'in' in the blog world. He says:
'Bloggers are very creative at storytelling. You may find them bombarding readers with meaningless updates or personal rants but when they become brand ambassadors, they are like hens who know best about eggs.'
I am not here to talk about eggs as neither I am a hen nor I am a good blogger, and obviously not a good story teller either. But since I do blog, bad or worse, I can tell you why I smiled when I read SAJS' blog 'Tell me your Story.'

Just before getting the link of his post from the Facebook, I was watching a cartoon - the following cartoon:

And surely I smiled when I read the blog in question, about hen and eggs. A story teller blogger can make anything out of nothing and write a blog.  And the above cartoon exactly fits into the quality of blogger, who can start anything from anything or nothing and write a blog post.

You may have found this post rather meaningless, but I am certain sure you got what I wanted to say - didn't you?

See you again - smiling.


  1. ROFL. Love you Jalal for this mention and the 'pun.'

    But allow me to say that. That is where 'my fun' is.

  2. Oh, I loved this and yes, I was smiling Jalal :-)

  3. Interesting perspective, and yes,I agree with it.:)After all, am also a blogger...

  4. Thanks everyone - I am happy you smiled Sajini Chandrasekera