Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogging – a growing hobby of many

Once people used to ask the children, “what is your hobby?” Now people ask, “Do you blog?” or “Do you have a blog?” Times have changed and many technology intensive innovations and facilities have overtook innocent pastimes, which we called hobbies in our childhood. Purposely or inadvertently, we have a hobby of blogging these days, but we shirk to call it a hobby, lest we sound childish. But the mere fact is that blogging today is the fastest growing hobby of many. 

One of my friends, Syed Asghar Javed Shirazi is a blogging hobbyist or should I say over obsessed with this new technology of putting across his ideas and mindset to his audience across the world. Yes, he does have a wider audience than many think as one can see the contributions made to his blogs from across the seven seas. Now instead of writing books, he always have three to his credit, he blogs – and does so intensely.

April 5 was Shirazi's birthday and it was celebrated by his blogs followers in many ways. Deb Sistrunk started a blog-birthday party, while other friends swarmed him with tweets and messaged excessively on his face book. It makes him one of the famous blogger around. 

Light Within was his first blog that he started in 2000 and then there was no ending. Today he maintains a number of blogs, like the Doodh Patti (a blog about travel and foods), Logic is Variable (his favourite perhaps) and Thatta Kedona ( a project he is part of to uplift the life of rural women in Pakistan).

He has many more if you want me to continue, but he is happy as he treats each of these as his children and takes care of each blog with utmost care. He is always trying to improve his substance, expand his audience and add to his acclaim. And I think he has been successful on all accounts.

The good thing about him is that he encourages others to blog. Sit with him for a cup of tea or for a most causal sitting, and you will end up determined to start a blog first thing you do once you reach your desktop or work station. And if that is not all. He will also tell you many tricks to earn money, if you are interested.

And gurus and mentors like him are all around us. The blog thing seems to have overtook all other pastimes  I believe,  and everyone these days who has access to an internet laced computer and a little knowhow of computer literacy is into blog thing. This is how blogging is changing moods and setting new trends of passing times. And before I end this post, may I dare ask, “Do you  blog?”


  1. Thank you - a belated birthday wish, but I suppose made you happy.

  2. Shirazi is my best blogging buddy. I "met" him in 2005, a few months after I started my online writing.

    I created a blog in 2005 just because I was curious about the technology. A friend emailed me a link to her blog. Quite simply, I was curious. I wanted to see if I could get one up myself. Once I managed that, I wrote a blog post or two, but I did not expect to receive comments. When I did, I decided to continue blogging on topics related to media, public relations and marketing.

    My online experience has been enriched by people I have met online. You are one of those people. :-)

  3. Thank you Deb for your input and including me in the list of "people"