Monday, January 14, 2013

A photographer's love for a dead Oak Tree for Seven Years

Photography is one of the wwidely adopted hobby around the world. While in olden days, the number of photography hobbyists were less as only a few could afford cameras, now everyone has a mobile phone with a camera to satisfy their instinctive hobby of capturing scenes instantly. And even some of my photos taken by my mobile phone have dazzling results.

But by and by, the hobby becomes a passion and a few take photography as seriously as their profession. And then masterpiece results emerge.

Kevi Day with his Dead Oak Tree

Kevin Day, 55, is one such photographer, whose passion for photography has overtaken his hobby and has taken him to places and 'objects' that ordinary do not even look it.


He spotted a dead oak tree in a local park and he instantly fell in love with it and for seven long years, he has been visiting the park and composing the lone dead oak tree from different angles, time of the day and weather conditions.

While ordinary viewers would love these compositions too, it would be the serious photographers who would really appreciate the skills, passion and determination of Kevin Day in composing the dead ok tree - and making it his lifetime possession.

See more photos of Kevin Day at: Mail Online
Photos credit: Kevin Day / Rex Features


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