Sunday, September 23, 2012

Galaxy S3 outscores iPhone 5 In Geek Benchmarking

The launch of iPhone 5 is being projected as one the biggest success for Apple - and surely it may seem so as its sales are surpassing all previous Apple sales records. But is it really worth buying?

Well just days after iPhone 5′s launch, CNET reported that the  iPhone 5 scores higher in benchmarks then the Samsung Galaxy S III. Those following Apple's new 'magic device; were really surpised besides shocking the Samsung Galaxy S III fans as GS3 has a Quad-Core processor that certaily outclasses iPhone 5's dual-core processor.

However, it has nopw dawned that the previous benchmarking was a fake and the results are positively in favour of Samsung Galaxy S III.

Previously it was reported that Samsung Galaxy S III scored 1588 on geekbench and the iPhone 5 scored 1602 but both the scores are wrong!. In reality the iPhone 5 scores 1590 instead of 1602 and Galaxy S3 scores an impressive 1766 instead of 1588.


See for yourself the latest bench marks:

While the war of the phones between Apple and Samsung will continue, it is up to the users to buy which set really answers all needs of the individuals. The crashing of Apple map app vis-a-vis is just one example which must be weighted by the users who rely on map apps more than anything else. Just buying a gadget because it is 'latest' and 'new' or in vogue and fashion to have it, may lead the heavy investment go waste when it comes to the actual performance of a smartphone.

For hobbyists, this is something of a caution who would just like to hold a gadget because it is in - even if it is hollow from inside.

Benchmarks graphs courtesy Chip Hazard

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