Sunday, February 16, 2014

Download Titanfall Beta For Free

When something comes free, one is sure to download it whether needed or not - but for lovers of Titanfall this should sound perfect  and they may instantly do so. And with lot of of next generation games currently available for both the PS4 and Xbox One, anything new is always well received.

Well it is true then and gamers and fans of Titanfall are lucky that they have an opportunity to download their favourite game Titanfall Beta for free without needing any invite code.

Needless to say that Titanfall is the most liked game and its beta version has been making headlines.

How to download Titanfall Beta on Xbox One? Just follow the following guidelines and you will have the beta version of Titanfall for free - really!!

In order to download the Titanfall beta on Xbox One, simply select “Join the Titanfall Beta" option found on the Xbox One home screen, as can also been seen in the screenshot above, courtesy of Microsoft’s Major Nelson.


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