Friday, July 20, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S 3 Times Deadlier than Galaxy S3 [In Terms of Radiation]

For those reaching out to Apple iPhones, there is a bit of caution:  iPhone 4S 3 Times Deadlier than Galaxy S3 [in terms of Radiation].

Well if this is how iPhone 4S radiates, one can predict about expected iPhone 5. Look at the comparison below and be warned:

As per the comparison above, Samsung Galaxy SIII is the lowest radiating smartphone in the market. The next highest radiating smartphone is Motorola Droid, while at the top we have Blackberry Bold 9700, followed by Apple's infamous iPhone 4S.

As can be seen, the maximum permissible Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for human body is 1.6 w/kg, and Blackberry Bold 9700 is almost touching the allowable SAR - and Apple's iPhone 4S is not far. 

We normally go for the brightly lit bigger screen, features, tons of apps and the brand name - but very few go for features like SAR which is more harmful for our bodies than providing us countless features and apps. So next time you go shopping, keep the above analysis in mind in selecting a smartphone for yourself, your hobbying taste notwithstanding.