Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Honda Chopper - the outer space machine

Although Star Wars movie is decades old, its impact on people and industry has not dimnished even today. Its impact and effect of technolgical innovations can be seen and felt around us. Recently the Honda Chopper looks like a machine rolled out of the Star Wars movie set.

This uniquely designed, utterly attractive and innovative machine has under its uber-cool skin three engines to give it thrust and power to reach to the outer space. The main biofuel engine assisted by the two smaller eclectirc engines, racked on each side of the wheels provide that extra thurst that any biker would like to have to race to speeds unknown before. s with a traditional chopper the suspension stretches out in front of the bike with the rider positioned three-quarters of the way back.

And what is more is its dual exhaust which are further split to give a look of quad after burners jutting out of the rear of the machine. With its long front suspension and feet forward seating position with a large foot print, the machine is purpose-built concept for those who dare to adventure.

So brace yourself for the Honda onslaught - lest you are overtaken by the cutting edge technology.


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