Saturday, April 9, 2011

Banana Cake

Banana Cake is my wife's specialty and my sons' weakness. Wait - add me too in the list. She normally starts baking in the afternoons, while we are asleep. But soon the aroma of the fresh cake engulfs the entire house and wakes all of us. And the compelling aroma of the cake still in the oven acts like a pied piper and slowly and gradually all of us find her smiling by her cake in the kitchen. Unlike other days, this time I made it a point to take a photo of her baking to share it with my viewers.

Need less to say what happens in the next half an hour - the cake plate lies denuded of its guest which she bore for a while. We all thank her for baking and cakes and pastries she bakes for us. The banana cake yesterday was excellent, or extremely yummy that vanished in minutes. A portion of it remained for after dinner satisfaction of our sweet teeth. But it was meant for my nephew, who dropped by and the remaining portion was his delight.

I asked her for the recipe to share here - but no way since all are recipes are secretly hidden in her memory and we only get to "eat" these whenever she is in a mood of baking.

I will ask my younger son to request his mom for the chocolate cake someday and I will definitely share the delight whenever it is baked.


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