Thursday, March 31, 2011

Postage stamps of Pakistan - 1955 and my collection

In 1955, Pakistan issued stamps on three occasions. The first set of four stamps was issued on the 8th anniversary of independence on 14th August 1955. The samp on the top row above bore the photo of the Karnaphuli Paper Mills (East Pakistan) of Ana Two and a half. However, the pattern of Urdu description of the face value was changed as can be seen beneath the stamps from 2 appearing on right to 2 appearing on the left of the half denomination.  The stamps in the second row had photos of a textile mill in West Pakistan (left), a Jute Mill in East Pakistan (centre) and the main sui gas plant (right)

A set of three stamps was issued on 14th October 1955 on the eve of unification of West Pakistan. The stamps showing the map of West Pakistan were of the denomination of Ana one and a half (green), two (Sepia) and 12 (deep rose red).

Two commemorative stamps were issued with overprints on the 10th anniversary of the UNO on 24th October 1955. The stamp issued in 1954 bearing photo of the Emperor Jahangir’s tomb in Lahore and the main sui gas plant issued earlier in 1955 were used for the overprints.

As for my collection, I do not have the over print stamps issued on 24th October. The rest of the stamps are complete except the stamp on the top row with wrong Urdu denomination, which held would have a rare collection.

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