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Commemorative Stamps of Pakistan - Handicrafts

Pakistan has inherited a rich cultural heritage from its history which is as old as 7000-9000 years old. The imprints left by successive civilizations has left a a rich heritage of handicrafts. The different regions with wide variety of tradition and culture, dialects, folklore, music, dresses and costumes have much to offer to any connoisseur of handicrafts. The Kashmiri Shawls, the Balochi and Sindhi embroidery work, the Peshawari chappals (an indigenous shoe ware) and carpets, camel skin lamps of Multan, Gujrati pottery and the wood and brass work done in different parts of Pakistan have charm of their very own. 

The handicraft shops in major cities and hotels abound in the handicrafts of Pakistan, which are taken as souvenirs by the tourists from the world over. These specially include the handicrafts made of marble, camel skin, wood and ivory work and cane-basket work. In fact the handicrafts are the most striking expressions of the individuality of Pakistan's regional identities. The color, the shape or style of a craft item instantly evokes its region.

Pakistan Post on different occasions have issued a number of commemorative stamps about this beautiful and powerful heritage of Pakistan. Some of these are as under:-

A set of five stamps to project the small scale industry of Pakistan - 10 November 1962

A set of three stamps issued on 21 July 1974 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of RCD, displaying hand knotted carpets of three member countries

To celebrate the 11th Anniversary of RCD, a set of three stamps was issued on 21 July 1975 , displaying pottery of three member countries

A set of four stamps issued on 23 August 1979 displaying various handicrafts of Pakistan

A set of four stamps issued on 31 May 1984 displaying Glass work of Pakistan

A set of three stamps issued on 5 July 1992

Commemorating the Crossing of US $ 10 Billion Export Mark, Pakistan Post issued a large set of stamps on 20 October 2003 showing all facets of its economy - from handicrafts to textiles, carpets to furniture etc.

Source: Pakistanpaedia (Commemorative stamps)

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