Thursday, March 3, 2011

Autograph of Çetinkaya - the Turkish female car race driver

Çetinkaya - the Turkish female car race driver and the first woman champion of Turkey is currently on a visit to Pakistan to foster the Pakistan-Turkish brotherly ties in her own way. Impressed by Benazir Bhuuto, the twice PM of Pakistan, Çetinkaya wanted to come and see the land the Turks loved so much after their own country.

Yesterday, she visited Bahria University, Islamabad where my two sons are presently studying to become Electrical Engineers. A special gathering was arranged for Çetinkaya to speak and talk to the students of the university and share her life experience. She told the audience of her love for sports cars right from her childhood even when she could not even think of affording and even driving one years later. She showed videos of her driving skills and even accidents from which she luckily survived.

At the end of the ceremony, she gave autographs and talked freely with the students. My son Waqaace also got his autograph as shown above.


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