Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Alienware's newest model in 17 inch series known as M17x had its 3rd version ("R3") released recently stopped manufacturing. The main reason according to Dell representatives is that the new Intel's Sandy Bridge chip-set that is being used in the Laptop has a fault in it.

According to INTEL the ports within the chipset may degrade overtime the performance of SATA based linked devices , such as Hard disk drives , Dvd drives. Intel expects full volume recovery in April.

Now according to DELL the customers have the following options:

  • The customers who have ordered the product but haven't shipped can wait till the new product arrives or get a refund and the customers who's product have shipped , the can refuse the receipt and wait for DELL to ship new product.

  • The customers who are using the product can either return the product within the applicable return period or can continue to use their laptop and when the chip-set comes, they can contact dell for upgrading their motherboard.

Hopefully this all gets straightened out and the gamers can get their hands on the newM17x R3

UPDATE: While the above applies , Alienware has started its M17x R3 again . and is supposedly to deliver the correct product now . Login to their website for their new M17x R3 customization.

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