Saturday, February 19, 2011

The dual screen laptop

There is no limit to ingenuity of an innovative mind. While we come across mind blogging innovative gadgets every day, I was amazed to find a dual screen laptop while surfing the net today.

The laptop has two screens that almost made me jump. Now while watching a video on one screen, one can continue to type or surf the net on the other screen. This ultra-mobile concept PC edges out the market when it comes to the cutting-edge design. The dual multi-touch screens offer virtual keyboards and a soft track pad that let the user navigate, type, click and browse anyway one likes.

And for e-book lovers, just turn the PC vertically and one can have the two pages instead of one visible for easy and rather continuous reading instead of changing page each time a page finishes.

As claimed by the manufacturer, these ultra-mobile concept PCs do what smart-phones dread and go where laptops fear to tread, providing a full PC and rich Internet experience in a super-small handheld design. Now one has the freedom to savor media most anywhere, enjoying seamless emailing and the Office apps one can’t live without. You’ll also be able to chat face-to-face with the important people in your life. Quite simply, these trend-setting PCs by Toshiba take you and your mobility one step beyond.


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