Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 most eye-catching ladies footwear

Ladies are always choosy about their attire, specially the footwear. It has to be matching with their clothes, jewelry and the bag. But above all it should be matching the occasion. From flats to high and very high heels, the ladies footwear has to be eye-catchy and attractive.

Here in under is a selection of ladies footwear from Jalalspages Attire and Fashion Album on Flickr. Click on the photo to take you to the owner of these photos and open to you many other beautiful photos taken and shared by them.

the ground beneath her feet by HanaS

Model's feet
Model's feet by floridapfe

Los zapatos de la novia
Los zapatos de la novia by P Lievano

Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester by Celebrities In Heels

boot by bluewinx15(BACK)

يـآگـــل آلغــــرآم آنــــــت ..! [Explore]
يـآگـــل آلغــــرآم آنــــــت ..! [Explore] by ѕє¢яєt ♥ ~

sabates de diumenge
sabates de diumenge by Ricard Cambra

Ludmilla Radchenko - sandalini fucsia
Ludmilla Radchenko - sandalini fucsia by gippi52

''Get on your dancing shoes. There's one thing on your mind''
on your dancing shoes. There's one thing on your mind'' by Emily Charlotte Greene

Kick up your heels!
Kick up your heels! by dcis_steve


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