Friday, January 21, 2011

Fishing Reels for Beginners

One starts to fish with homemade rods, obviously with no reels. All one has to do is to get a long strong stick, attach a fishing string and a hook. That is how I caught my first fish and was very excited about it when the small fish came jerking out of the water.
But that is not how one can go along because bigger catch would strain the ordinary wood to give away. There one should go for a fishing rod with reel. While the rods may vary in lengths, it is basically the reel that matters. For the beginners, a closed faced reel is recommended with their simple push-button release system that allows a novice to fling the hooked bait to long throw. These inexpensive reels are good to start, especially in the stagnant ponds where the fish have lesser agility and maneuverability as compared to live water in lakes, rivers and even seas.
For experienced fishers, the spinning reels are more appropriate. The reels spin the line around a spool while the action in the turning shoots the spool up and down to keep the line uniform. One will have to get used to using these reels as these don’t have the push button release of the closed face reels. The trick to use these reels is to hold the line pressed between the index finger and the rod and rear back and throw. There is a caution here that the line must be let loose from the finger when throwing in the forward motion. If you come across a spincaster reel, don’t get confused as it is the same as the spinning reel.
Another type or reel is called a bait-caster. Although these have push button type of release, but one has to keep the finger planted firmly on the spool when pressing the release button. Only during the throwing motion the finger pressure is to be released when the rod is at the front end of the cast. If not thrown properly, these types of reels have the tendency to backlash, causing the line to get tangled all in the spool and becomes very hard to untangle. Having said that, these reels are preferred by experienced fishermen as these can handle any duress that a fish can throw at.
So choose your reels as per your experience and ease of use. Dont use a reel that makes it harder for you to handle and spoiling your fishing day.


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