Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beware while you go fishing

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable and 'in' hobby of a lot of hobbyists around the world. The fishing enthusiasts spend countless hours sitting and waiting for a little jerk in their fishing rods to catch the booty. But sometime you may get something other than a fish - may be a an old boot, under water bush or  even an Octopus.

Yes Octopus - though catching octopus while fishing is very rare, but sometimes it does get caught on to your fishing hook - so beware of such an eventuality and do not panic. Rest assured nothing gigantic as seen in movies would come out but remember it is bigger than the biggest fish you ever hooked.

I came across the following video on YouTube and I thought of sharing it with my fishing hobbyists with a little commentary as shared with the video:

Megapickles, who shared the video adds: Bryce hooked into a octopus which he originally thought was a snag. I was able to get some pretty sweet underwater shots while it was next to his kayak. The octopus was kept and enjoyed. It swallowed a pretty large hook so its survival was unlikely. I used a Kodak Playsport (Zx3) to film this.

It is further added: For the record, I didn't kill it, or eat it. I just filmed it. Also, it was not wasted. Its sacrifice was well respected among those that did eat it. I'm not a biologist of any kind, but a simple search on the internet shows that octopuses are not a rare animal. In fact, there is evidence that suggests they are overpopulated in their range. They have a life-span of 3 to 5 years so I'm guessing because of its size that this one was nearing the end of that span. So, I would rather it be killed quickly and not wasted than it be set free to suffer and starve for the last year or so of its life with a six inch hook in its mouth. 

Video/commentary courtesy: YouTubeMegapickles


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