Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fishing as a hobby

As I wrote in one of my earlier posts that Nature is calling us back to it as it is out there in the open lush green valleys and meadows one really start to understand the true meaning of life and happiness. And now let me start from this premise and take you to yet another very absorbing, interesting and soul inspiring hobby of fishing.
Combined with camping or undertaken as a solo event for a day out at a lake side or nearby stream, fishing is a true hobby where one can sit for hours observing he deep blue water and the reflections in it of the nearby trees and mountains while one awaits a healthy fish to give a jerk to the fishing line. Besides the fun of catching a fish, one finds time to really spend with one’s family and friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. From normal lakeside fishing to to deep sea fishing, or from ice fishing to night fishing, the fishing hobby provides you much leisure and pleasure than any other hobby, while keeping you very close to the nature.
I caught my first fish from a lake in Iran many years ago from a hand held fishing line with plastic bait attached to it. Although the catch was not very big, but I still cherish the joy of having caught my first fish.
When fishing is combined with camping, the joy of both gets multiplied as there is no hurrying back home. And when one has sufficient catch, it is more fun to make fire from the twigs and tree branches and roast the fish on raw fire and eat without the aid of fork and knife as we do in restaurants. There can be no greater joy in eating one’s own caught fish right there in nowhere with friends and families. Try it someday or accompany a friend going out for fishing – you will not only love it, but will remember your maiden experience for years to come.
We will talk more on methods of fishing and other related topics in coming days.


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