Sunday, January 13, 2019

Awe Inspiring Photo shoot of Snowy Winter

Winters are always cold, shivering and snowy. While many like the rather moderate weathers, many like winters when it is snowing. I remember when my children were growing they always felt excited when taken to a hill station full of snow.  Recently my elder son who is in Munich, Germany sent me these awesome photos he took of snow fall around him.
Although, these have been taken by his cellphone camera, the aesthetic scene is clearly visible of taking the shots with their dramatic effect. Mesmerized by this awe inspiring shootout, I thought of sharing it with my readers who love nature and snowfall and are fond of preserving these wonderful moments of one's life.

The above two photos are simply classic. But the following photos is something very different and eye catching:
Why eye catching? Look again. If you looked closely you will find a red band on the pole to the near right of the photos and a distant reddish lamp light almost in the middle far end of the photo.  I do not know whether it was intended or just came out that way. But to my mind, it is something unique - two red stops in a snowy pathway with night darkness above. Did you look again?
And now this photo - look again closely and try to find a rooster. Did you find? Well it is not an actual rooster but look on the right half way and the snow seems to have shaped a pole just like a rooster. And to me it looks like a frozen rooster. Doest it to you too?
And this last photo: The bench looks like a basket full of snow. They surely say right that there is no limit to one's imagination - and they are damn right !!

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