Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Beatles: (Would They) Get Back

Those who were in their teens or should I say early teens in the first half of the 60s would be familiar with an emerging band, The Beatles, comprising of four young men hailing from the Liverpool. Within years, this band rose to the heights of glory and dominated all previous charts on major listings and  gave a new meaning to music - a cue to emulate by many groups following.

I and my siblings bought many of the LPs, an area of vinyl records and turntables, and enjoyed listening to their songs. Unfortunately there were no videos at that time and we have to wait many years later in the 80s when the VCR technology came to our country and we saw for the first time these four young men performing. The last LP that I bought was that of the Sgt Pepper and Lonely Hearts Club Band, a double jacketed album with entire songs written on its back and a huge centre page photo of the Beatles in their military uniforms.

It was a sad day in a cold winter December, when while listening to the BBC, I came to the dreadful news of murder of John Lennon. This left the three Beatles, but before murder of Lennon, the gorup had already dissolved with all singing solo.

The advent of internet and YouTube made it even better to listen to their songs - something that I still do when relaxing. One of the famous videos of the Beatles, which some say was the last appearance of the four Beatles, will remain a memorable video of Beatles times. I recently came across this video and would like to share it with my friend who love music and the Beatles.

Watch this full blown video of the Beatles on the Apple Recording Company's rooftop - something that became a history for Beatles were seen performing live for the last time:
May I add here that since the performance was live from a rooftop, the traffic below almost came to a halt and police had to interfere to stop this last Beatles performance to allow the traffic to resume.

Beatles have become a living history in the field of music for they moved hearts of millions of the time and thereafter. I too am one of their fans for my childhood coincided with their early days till their tragic demise as a band. I wish someday Paul and Ringo, the remaining Beatles, get together and play Get Back in memory of their two deceased Beatles John and Harrison.

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Video courtesy Joe Graves
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