Friday, January 8, 2016

Useful homely antidote and simple solutions

Everything around our homes does not have tailormade solutions - or even if we have, these are sometimes expensive. But good people around the world have found out simple ways and means to address problems we face almost daily in our household chores.

I just came to know today that shaving cream to prevent foggy mirrors after a hot shower. Before your next shower, take a small amount of shaving cream and polish your mirror with it using paper towels or a regular hand towel. It'll take a minute but work the cream in circles until the mirror is clear again. Next time you get out of a steamy shower your mirrors will be fog-free!

Or use Shampoo/Dishwashing liquid to clean windshield on cars to soften dirt and also makes rain water slide off clean as the wiper runs through it.

And don't forgetting the good old Petroleum jelly which can be wiped around the skin surrounding the nails before painting with polish makes for easier removal of smudges

These are just some of the homely antidote - there are unending solutions that can make our lives easier and happier without spending a cent. The following video has something more to tell.

Watch the video below:

Clever New Uses for Bathroom Products
Posted by BuzzFeed DIY on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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