Monday, January 18, 2016

Skiing the otherway - Going Up

As winter sets in around the world, skiers gather their gear and head for the sloped mountains with lots of snow over these to enjoy the skiing along with their friends and families. Even winter Olympics and local competitions are held wherein both reputed and amateure skiers show their skiing skills and enjoy the sport.

But there are always people and sportsmen who come up with innovation and novel ideas. I came across this video as I am sharing below in which a skiing enthusiast take the challenge the 'otherway' - I mean instead of going down by the slopes, he has chosen to go up in his power skiing machine.

Now this is something real adventure and show of one's guts, determination and resilience. I commend this skier and you would too after watching the video.

Watch this amazing video below for a skiing feat - the otherway around - I mean going up:

KRAZY CANADIAN CLIMBED the face of the Norns! Insane climb, this was the one he was talking about in the clip from earlier today!! INSANITY! He was riding a Yamaha without a turbo on it too!! It was a big bore though! Definitely one of the defining moments in Krazy's chute-climbing career!! Dan Davidoff is still insane to this day!! From 2007!
Posted by Thunderstruck Films on Sunday, December 28, 2014

I am sure you would appreciate the guts of this skier for challenging the extremely steep gradient and finally reaching the top.

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