Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to clean the snow - the smart way

It is snow time everywhere in the world - of course less the deserts of Africa and Mongolia. The US is specially having a pretty rough time with feets of snow falling down and making the residents shut behind their doors with cars immobile, helplessly parked under the falling snow cover.

Shoveling away snow is always a laborious thing to do. I saw a housewife spraying hot air with a dust blower and cleaning her car - this is how people with novel minds make their lives easeier and use gadgetry to solve real life problesms.

Herein under is yet another novel way of cleaning one's doorway or lawn of heaps of snow in a very simple way - though of course our good old friend shovel comes handy to begin the snow moving exercise. This novel approach means no Bending, No lifting and is at least double faster than manual lifting of snow.

Watch the video below and see how a working mind can come up with a solution, much easier than our normal approach:

Would it solve your ice removal problem?

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