Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Would you like to be one of Those magnificent men in their flying machines?

Remember Back to the Future film where cars were seen flying? Or yet another very old movie: Those magnificent men in their flying machines?

Well fiction is always the first step towards reality. Many inventions today were just stories printed in fiction books and fascinated many. While in recent times, many have lived to see the realisation of fiction into reality, here is something more: A car that would fly and take you as far as 500 miles with just one tank full.

Man has always wanted to fly like birds and this gave birth to the idea of air planes. But while air planes are big and costly to maintain and fly, these flying cars may have a solution for the ordinary 'would be flyers'. These VTOL: VErtical Take Off and Landing cars would not require much space to take off, but would require exceptional driving and flying skills as winds and weather have a serious effect on any flying object.

The time is not far when we will have more cars flying in the air rather than vultures looking down for the decaying carcasses. But when this happens, the flying cars may also become a nightmare as air space management of these cars will not be that easy, specially when driven/flown by the drunk or the adventure seekers and cars banging into each other would create a dilemma for the 'flying traffic warden squads.'

Watch the video below:

Unbelievable flying car
Posted by YEGOB on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What do you think of this idea - presently nurturing in the minds of many a inventor? Would you like to be one of Those magnificent men in their flying machines?

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