Thursday, December 3, 2015

Say goodbye to Pajero land cruiser

Pajero has ruled the world's most treacherous roads besides a comfortable city land cruiser for many years. And needless to say has been darling of motor lovers for many many years - rather I would say it was one of the strongest hobby among motor vehicles lovers to keep a Pajero. But it seems its days of glory are over as Mitsubishi, the Pajero OEM, has decided to ditch the vehicle for good and forever.

Reportedly, Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko has told US automotive trade publication, Automotive News, that the Pajero is a dead duck. There had been rumours the Pajero, known as the Montero in the US and on sale there until 2006, would make a comeback, but no. And Masuko has pointed the finger at fuel consumption as the reason for knocking the full-size fourby on the head. 

And not only USA, the vehicle will not be developed for any other market anywhere in the world, CEO Osamu Masuko  adds. This stunning announcement thus comes as the final world about the fate of Pajero land cruiser. Additionally, Galant will also be discontinued.

Instead, Mitsubishi plans to roll out a series of plug-in hybrid SUVs.  This includes a new Outlander PHEV and a small, coupe-styled crossover which is likely to replace the Lancer,  another model that has been destined for the dustbin of history.


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