Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Love of vintage cars turns junk of Austin 1929 into a flashy red car

One of the many hobbies of people around the world is keeping vintage cars and when these are taken on roads, it really catches onlookers by awe and surprise. Recently, a vintage car show was held in Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan.  Of the many cars on display was a red flashy 1929 model Austin car too.

No one at the exhibition knew how this car was transformed from pure junk into real life - myself included. However, a Facebook friend Shazia Rashid shared the photos of this car when in the junk form and I could not resist requesting her to allow me to share these for the vintage car lovers and show how love of cars can transform cars from just junk into an unbelievable running car.

Watch the photos below - I do not need to offer any running commentary as all photos speak for themselves:

That was how this Austin 1929 looked before the repair work to bring the car back to life.

Now after the repairs, painting and carrying out a few modifications, here is how the same car now looks:

See car lovers can do anything to bring back junk to life. Three cheers to the owners who could not see this car lying in junk state forever.

Photos shared by Shazia Rashid on Facebook
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