Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winds of change for Monopoly symbols

Monopoly has been one of the most liked, loved and played board games around the world. And we are very familiar with the Scottie dog, top hat, a shoe or a thimble for many years, or should I say decades.

Existing Monopoly symbols

But now there is a thinking prevailing in the Monopoly's managers that time has come to say goodbye to the old pals and replace these with some pragmatic ones. Maker Hasbro has decreed that the time has come to introduce a new piece. Contenders include a diamond ring, helicopter, cat, robot and a guitar.

Proposed symbols

Well I would go along with most of the changes, but since when a CAT has become a pragmatic or a new symbol - did not we have cats when dogs were there?


However before the decision is finally taken, fans have been asked to cast their votes at by February 5.

But since the commencement of debate on Facebook  a heated debate has started and many long-time Monopoly lovers have reacted sharply to the proposal:
One enthusiast said: ‘Players have their favourites and each token means something to someone. Change for change sake is not needed, it will not change the game or  make it any more fun than it already is.’ 
Another said: ‘Don’t like this idea. Have played Monopoly using the dog for nearly 20yrs wouldn't be the same without it!!’
So cast your vote well if you want to modernize Monopoly, or otherweise.

via Mail Online