Friday, October 5, 2012

Google may launch Android 4.2 Equipped Nexus Smartphone Next Month

Good news for the smartphone hobbyists and enthusiasts!!

There have been many rumors about a new smartphone from Google, that are being taken as a welcome sign by the Android lovers as Apple's iPhone 5 has disappointed many already, specially with its Maps App.

It has now been rumored that Google is all set to launch a smartphone laced with Android 4.2 in November at a co-event with LG where they will announce the “LG Optimus G Nexus”.

And the rumor seems true too. According to AndroidandMe’s “regular source”, Google will be officially revealing Android 4.2 and a Nexus smartphone from LG at an event sometime in November.


Wahaab JB at CHip Hazard reports:
However, upcoming Nexus devices might no longer remain exclusive to a single vendor as according to an earlier report, any manufacturer can release phones as part of the Nexus program. The only condition being that they must adhere to strict standards like,  using stock Android and 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming, additional hardware requirements needed to make devices future-compatible with upcoming OS updates like Android 5.0, which is scheduled to arrive by fall 2013.
So we keep our fingers crossed and see whether the rumor comes true or otherwise - it is good to wait and see, when it is one of the best hobbies of time. Won't you say so? 


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