Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What to buy - iPad Mini or Nexus 7?

The race never finishes, both for the gadget makers and the gadget geeks.

Lately, there has been a a bombardment of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and pads not only providing countless options for the buyers, but also confusing them so much that at the end of the day, one feels exhausted, clueless and confused as to what to chose from the armada of gadgets and which one to discard.

Apple's iPad Mini vs Google's Nexus 7

Ask me if I want to chose between iPad mini by Apple and the Nexus - and I will give you an equally confused and laborious comparison that will make you throw your money in the Thames River and go home licking an ice cream cone. 

But hold on - there is someone making sense and I thought I should share and help those sitting holding their head and comparing the technical data of both gadgets. I came across one comparison at Chip Hazard by Wahaab JB which has given a good run down of the two gadgets for the benefit of us all.


The final verdict of the expert says that Nexus 7 stands out well clear of iPad Mini for being cheap, portable and flexible, laced with a better display than non-retina iPad and is certainly more powerful.

The Nexus 7 cost much cheaper than the costly iPad Mini as the former costs $199 the minimum, while Apple's iPad Mini costs $329.

Do read the full comparison at Chip Hazard before making a decision to buy either of the two hot gadgets currently on shelf display.

And let me know which one you bought or preferred, so that I too can make a choice.