Monday, April 9, 2012

Theme Specific Stamps: A first class portrait of Britain

British Mail unveils stamps displaying Britain's Landmarks: This was the post I wrote last year, 17 October 2011 to be precise,  about a set of stamps issued by the British Post displaying important and famous land marks of the country. The first  batch of stamps issued in 2011 stamps consisted of 12 stamps in the series, covering A to L, launched on the steps of 10 Downing Street (the ‘D’ stamp) by the Palace of Westminster postman, Martyn Hardy, and Prime Minister David Cameron.

Four of the 12 new stamps added to last years collection by British Mail
Now this year, the album of landmarks stamps seems to have completed with issue of a set of another 12 stamps from the letter O - Z, the last stamp being the ZSL London Zoo.

The hobbyists can see all the stamps, including the set of 12 stamps issued last year and the new set of 12 stamps issued this year along with details on each at: Mail Online


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