Friday, April 27, 2012

Rare Jamaica Stamp with Inverted Frame

Today I received an e-mail about a 1919 rare stamp issued by Jamaica, then under the British Empire with a grave error: The stamp has an inverted frame.

Rare Jamaica stamp with inverted frame
The 1919-21 wmk MCA 1s orange-yellow and red-orange stamp, one of the most remarkable British Empire errors, of which part of a sheet was found at Manchioneal post office in March 1922 after the majority had been used. Less than twenty survive in unused condition, with the famous 'ex Cunliffe' corner pair now accepted to be the only remaining multiple. 

The mail offered a price of £32,500, which for ordinary stamp collectors like myself is huge - but anyone reading the post and with £32,500 to spare for this rare stamp of almost a century old may contact the Stanley Gibbons for further details.