Friday, April 27, 2012

Magnificent Beard and Mustaches Competition, Brussels

Hobbyists and fun lovers are never short of ideas and that too innovative ones. Although keeping beards and mustaches by men has been in vogue since time immemorial, there are some who make this routine in to a hobby and competitive sport.

And one of such competitive hobbies is keeping big and beautiful beards and mustaches. I recently came across a few photographs of such people at Funzug and I thought of sharing these wonderfully kept big mustaches by hearty people and participants of a competition. 

A recently held at Brussels' battle of the beards explains how men can proudly display their masculinity with furry mustaches. These remarkable examples of facial topiary were pictured at a competition for best moustache in Brussels, Belgium. Proudly whiskered gentleman from all over the region for the event, which was won by a man identified only as Jef. His gravity defying facial follicles stretched the usual definition of moustache, incorporating as it did much of the beard from his cheeks as well.

Scroll down to see how majestic these people look: 

A Battle Of The Beards

The golden mustache: Jef holds up his trophy after winning the competition for the best mustache of Brussels during a contest in central Brussels.

A Battle Of The Beards

Proud: Jef smiles as a competition organizer pins on his champion's pin after he is named the winner

A Battle Of The Beards

Hairy heroes: This combination photo shows some of the best mustaches of the day at the event

A Battle Of The Beards
Runner up: A participant poses for the camera

Shared from: Funzug


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