Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Reasons You Wish You Were Larry Ellison

[ via Business Insider ] 3 Jan

One of the most liked hobby around the world is "collecting." But when it comes to the rich and famous, the complexion of the hobby changes - from ordinary match box covers or buttons, one finds people collecting yachts, airplanes,real estate or even wives.
Larry Ellison is one such billionaire. He's charming, arrogant and a spend-a-holic. He collects all things that only the super wealthy can afford: yachts, luxury real estate, airplanes, wives.
He's the kind of rich person most of us dream of being. And like most things about Ellison, the stories about his extravagance and his womanizing seem too over-the-top to be true.

Here is a look at the excessive lifestyle of Larry Ellison.
As you flip through the slide show, think to yourself, "If I had an endless supply of money, as does Larry Ellison, would I spend it like this?"
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