Friday, December 2, 2011

100 Useful, Entertaining and Gaming iPhone Apps Of 2011

Everyone is obsessed with Apps these days and would like more of these stuffed into one's iPhones. iPhoneAppCafe has compiled a list of 100 Apps - split it into three categories: Useful apps, Entertainment apps and Games apps. 

Some of the Useful Apps include NY Times Himalaya Reader, Office Time, Mogasa, and IScreen HD (1-33). For entertainment, you may consider  BooksVirtual, Power Chords, SigNote, Stricken and My Vacation, last on the list from 34-66. As for Games Apps, starting from serial 67, the first one is Aurum Blade: Zelda, Eat your Heart Out, Piffle Content, Plants vs Zombies, Tiny Tower and ending at 99th and last entry of Z: Commander Zod scores a hit.

The list being quite long, you may click HERE to go right to iPhone AppCafe for the complete list and see if these can fit into your iPhone !!


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