Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Funniest GIF Trends of 2011

The Internet has always had a love-hate relationship with animated GIFs. Long a telltale sign of an archaic website (especially when multiple artifacts wind up on a single page), the bandwidth-eating multi-image animations were a cause of annoyance rather then entertainment.

Mashable has compiled a list of 10Funniest GIF Trends of 2011. The list includes the following:

  1. 90s Characters Dancing
  2. James Van Der Memes
  3. Animals Being Dicks
  4. The Last Supper
  5. Everyday I'm Shufflin'
  6. Paula Deen Rides Everything
  7. Charlie Sheen: "I'm Fine."
  8. Disproportionate Toddler Reactions
  9. Pizza
  10. Cats
Read more... for details on each above

But this is just one listing. There are inumerous funny Gifs that people see and share around the globe. Do you have a more fnnier Gif to share?


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