Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Funny and creative chairs

Creativity and innovation when combine together provide leisure and more often than not add fun to our living. We come across chairs of various designs, based on standards. But the following chairs that combine ingenuity, creativity, innovation and aesthetics are fun to sit on. 

How would you like to sit on a pile of computers, a shopping trolley, a sink, a chair with broken legs or an octopus? Chose one from the following selection, if you want to have fun while relaxing...

Herein under are some classics for those who always want to have a feel of their bedrooms

That is not the end of creativity - it has just begun !!

Here comes the creativity:
 Creative yes, but painful - so watch out!! Sit at your own risk
This is a mystery chair - dunno how it feels to sit on it
Well the computer lovers should not be left out - here are some for their taste!!
 Best use of oldies
 Highly hi-tech
 And obviously ladies could be ignored to have chairs of their choice!!
And the last one: They say sky is the limit:

There are still many more innovative designs - go to Techzug and find more. [The photos have been shared from exclusive permission from Techzug.]
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