Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playing Poker on line – for free

In my previous post on card games in general, I made a mention of Poker as one of the most popular games in the world, especially in the USA. Or may I say poker as a game is more often than not is considered as US Poker, as it has more fans in the USA than any other country in the world.

While poker is played in the casinos of Las Vegas and many other cities, the game has picked up more popularity than any other card game on the internet. Due to its ease of playing on the internet, the world of web has allowed more hobbyists and poker lovers to opt for playing Poker on line.

There are a number of websites that facilitate playing poker on line. While looking for such sites, I came across Mac Poker USA that is an excellent site to provide easy access to US poker lovers to many sites that provide a forum for playing many variants of poker live on line with friends as well as remote real players. The site also provides a comprehensive coverage of online poker rooms, which have been carefully selected from a long list of the best poker rooms available online. The index provided by the site provides overall rating, poker houses and compatibility of each online poker room. This index thus provides a wide variety of choice to the online poker lovers to make a choice.

So if you are in USA and are looking for a versatile and safe online site for playing poker, do visit this exclusive website for a wide variety of choices and selections. It is home to best Poker Deals and fun loads of playing poker online.

It may be added here that for all the sites listed in the website, no deposit is required for playing as all US listed poker sites have the option of playing for real money or playing for free play chips against real players. So don’t get upset if you don’t have a dime in your pocket as you can still enjoy the game of poker as free online poker rooms host free ring games and free poker tournaments.

Like the Poker USA, Mac poker UK provides details regarding US and UK player rooms' availability to the play pokers. There are links to the rooms listed , to which a player can go and see the reviews of the room , which states whether US players are allowed to play or not and other info regarding those rooms. Also the site has details about which rooms have been shut down and what are the alternatives for those players who are not able to play there. 


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