Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pakistan Postage Stamps of 1965 from my collection

Pakistan Post issued postage stamps on five occasions during 1965. I have in my collection all but one (the first one). The details are as under.
The first stamp of the year was published on February 28 on the eve of the Blind Welfare. The ultramarine yellow coloured stamp showing the national flag and glasses was priced at Paisa 15. 
The second stamp was issued on the eve of the Centenary celebrations of the International Telecommunication Union (UIT) on May 17 1965. The reddish purple coloured stamp showed the ITU's emblem and symbol and was priced Paisa 15. 
On June 28, a set of two stamps was issued on the eve of the International Cooperation Year. The stamps showed the ICY emblem of hand shake and a wreath underneath. The black and light blue stamp (left above) had a face value of Paisa 15, while the green and yellow stamp (above right) was priced at Paisa 50. 
Year 1965 marked the first anniversary of the Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD). The organizations with Pakistan, Iran and Turkey with its three members was founded a year earlier on July 21, 1964 in its inaugural session in the Caspian Sea city of Ramsar, Iran. The Paisa 15 stamp (above top) showed  the symbol of cooperation, while the multicoloured Paisa 50 stamp (above below) showed the maps of three member countries and a globe showing their maps. 
The last set of three stamps of the year was issued on December 25, 1965 as a tribute to the gallant forces of the country with a caption of Salute to our Army, Navy and Air Force. The Paisa 7 stamp in brown colour (above top) was dedicated to the Pakistan Army showing a soldier and tanks besides emblem of Pakistan Army in red. The blue coloured Paisa 15 stamp (below left) showing the emblem of Pakistan Navy, a sailor and a warship was dedicated to the Navy. The Paisa 50 stamp in air force blue colour (below right) showed a pilot and two F-104 super sonic Star fighter aircraft besides emblem of Pakistan Air Force.


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