Monday, August 1, 2011

M17X R3 and M18X ENRICHED with AMD RADEON 6990M

Dell's Alienware has again lived up to the expectation of gamers by adding now AMD Radeon's warhead 2GB GDDR5 HD 6990M with the M17x R3's arsenal and by enriching the M18x arsenal by theDual 2GB GDDR5 HD 6990M in CrossFire mode !!

Alienware previously also added the Nvidia's warhead GTX 580M to both M17x R3 and M18x and now with arrival of the new giant AMD RADEON's HD 6990M which considerably is the most fastest notebook GPU as of now , Alienware didn't miss the opportunity to give the gamers a little something more to enhance their gaming experience.

Following are the main features of both the Gaming giants :-

M17x R3

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