Monday, May 2, 2011

How, What, When and Why?

Hobbies and pastimes are generally mind and body relaxing, like sitting by a lake and fishing or reading an interesting book. But there are some who want to dig in something mind boggling, challenging and informative. Their quest for How, What and Why makes them dig deeper into the apparent and find out the hidden secrets. This is what I call How, What and Why hobby.

The How Stuff Works is a famous and one of the most read website to answer the many Hows. Like for instance, one would like to know How a fluorescent bulb glows or How a lead pencil is made. Or one may would like to know How deep is th Pacific Sea or How far is the nearest star after the sun. and still How to find a boy or girl friend (most frequent asked question from fortune tellers). The quest for Hows is very long, but very few attempt to find the answer to the How as it requires extra strain on one’s brain to dig in for an answer.

Likewise the What and Why. Why dogs bark at night or the wolves howl at night? Do these creatures converse with each other or do they just howl or bark to shed away their loneliness? Why do we shed tears while peeling or cutting onions or what is wrong with the people, or What are your strengths and weaknesses type questions in an interview. And finally What is this blog post all about?

Interesting, isn’t it to dig for what apparently there is no answer. In my future posts, I will post the many Hows, Whats and Whys and may be give a clue to their answers. I like setting a bit of mind boggling posts as it adds an informative pastime and hobby.

And wait, we can also add When to the list too, like When was the last time you were really happy? Shouldn't we?

This is our Crystal Maze....


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