Friday, March 4, 2011

Guidelines For A Memorable Hiking Experience

By: Felicity Marksman

2010 is swiftly drawing to a close and everybody is getting excited about a well warranted December vacation! Christmas is around the corner and the shopping malls are decorated with everything from colourful lights to large Christmas trees.
It's also the time when the complete working-world comes to a standstill and everybody can finally recharge their batteries for a few days.

Due to the natural splendour our country can offer, it is sometimes tricky to choose where you should spend your getaway. There are several lovely destinations to see, so many exciting places to travel to and so many adventure attractions to take part in!

Hiking in South Africa is very popular this time of the year. Almost all destinations are green and abundant and the temperatures are usually moderate and pleasant. It doesn't matter whether you're an enthusiastic hiker, or wanting to test it out the very first time, the few suggestions here and advice could make your trekking experience that much more fun!
Natural cotton clothing is not necessarily the best option. It absorbs a lot of water (perspiration, rainfall and so on) and requires an extended time to dry. Such moist clothes might get quite irritating on a hike of a couple of hours!

Never put too much in your backpack! Hauling around a lot of unnecessary weight can easily develop into your worst nightmare. Keep in mind that as you grow worn out, the back pack will begin feeling heavier and heavier and end up aggravating you to pieces.

Always tell someone about your whereabouts. When hiking in South Africa, as with any other country, understand that something can go wrong. Ensure that you tell someone where you are going and when to expect to see you back again. At least then they can send out a search party if you do not arrive back at the projected date or time.

Do not fold your tent up, rather stuff in back into its sack. Should you consistently fold your camping tent up in the same place will create weak spots in the fabric and your covering might end up losing some effectiveness. Don't ever pack up the tent if it's not completely dry.

Avoid an excessive amount of suntan cream! Yes, you read correctly! You need to use apparel as the main defense against the sun. By applying too much suntan cream, you actually block the body's sweating and subsequent cooling off process. Rather put on correct apparel with a broad rimmed cap.

If you're sleeping over and realize that it might get a bit chilly during the night, consume some greasy food items before going to bed. A few nuts for instance will help to help you stay warm when asleep.

Hydration is extremely important. Don't only start filling up with water once you are all hot and sweaty! It is very important hydrate prior to setting out. Always ensure that you have enough drinking water for the hike, especially if you are not confident if clean drinking water is going to be available along the route. Duct tape can fix nearly anything! Always carry a roll of duct tape and a cable tie or 2 in your rucksack.

Hiking in South Africa is an excellent experience! Go pack those back packs and have a great time!

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