Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vintage Cars – A hobby for some

Collecting matchbox covers or coins or even stamps may be very easy to start with as a hobby. But collecting vintage cars is certainly not any hobbyist’s domain as it is very costly and expensive hobby and remains the domain of rich and famous. Many rich people and celebrities around the world have their garages full with classic models of vintage cars. Though the may have never taken a ride in years, but their mere presence on their land is gives them a feeling of a very valuable and proud possession.
Like many around the world, some people in Pakistan also have a passion for collecting the old and beautiful cars. I came across one Raja Mujahid Zafar’s collection on YouTube and found many beauties in his garage. He is one of the few who have a flare and love for such cars. Watch a video on his collection from the link at the end of this post.
Some old movies displayed a lot of old and classic cars for the fun, but the hobbyists enjoyed these films to satisfy their quest for old, big, flashy and awesome cars. For example the James Bond movies display cars with novel technologies besides showing vintage cars under use by this fictional character. The double-oh-seven’s iconic Aston Martin to quote but one. One of my favourite movies Gone in 60 seconds beside featuring my favourite Angelina Jolie also listed and displayed some fifty classic cars to be stolen. These included Chevrolets, Ferraris and Mercedeses, beside Mustang GT. In Bullitt, the Mustang GT of 1968 appeared with Steve McQueen at the wheels.
We will continue to talk and show more vintage cars and how hobbyists like their prized possession.


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