Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Top 10 Hobby

These days, more than anything else, the craze for watching and seeing the Top Ten… or even Top 50 has almost become a hobby. There are umpteen numbers of sites airing Top 10 …. And they draw both the visitors and the bloggers. And I find this hobby, or a craze as it is turning out to be, very interesting, digging, and informative and perhaps a good pastime.
I have also started to watch these TTs (my abbreviation for the Top Tens) and have learnt so much in the process besides spending my spare time and enjoying. Those who do it are gifted with the quest to dig out facts and stories that are not only unbelievable but mostly true. Although, some who are good at Photo Shop or such altering tools, have started to trick the viewers. I commend some who are so expert that it really takes a critical eye to point out a fake or fabricated or altered photo from the original.
This is fun and learning both at the same time and I see this hobby flourishing more than the conventional hobbies that we had in our childhood like stamp or coin collecting. If you haven’t found out such posts as yet, just search the net for TTs and you will be amazed to find millions of such posts awaiting your view and appreciation too.  
Here are links to some that I found interesting:-


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