Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Roasting is the form of cooking in which food is cooked or roasted so to say in hot air. Roasting is usually applied to meat, beef and poultry. Turkey roasting on Christmas and lamb roasting on Eid-ul-Azha are the favourite roasting events. In roasting, the meat is usually placed on a rack in a shallow pan and cooked uncovered in an oven. The temperature usually ranges from 300 to 350 °F (149 to 177 °C). 
Roasting is a much slower method of cooking. It may take hours before the meat is really tendered and aromatic. While the process of this form is called roasting, anything cooked in this form is thus called a roast, like the lamb or turkey roast. While roasting generally applies to all types of meat, vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, turnips, squash etc can also be roasted. In fact roasted potatoes are a must when roasting a turkey or lamb leg. Nuts like chestnuts and cashew nuts can also be roasted and are enjoyed especially in winters for munching when watching TV in a cozy lounge.  


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