Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My collection of Canadian Stamps

The postal history of Canada dates back to early 16th century when a letter was sent from Newfoundland to New York in USA in 1527. But the actual postal services came into effect during the in 1705 when a courier is said to have carried a governor’s dispatch by boat. A regular postal service came to surface between Montreal and Quebec in 1734. When the Britain occupied Montreal in 1760, they established military postal system between Montreal and Quebec. Later the service was also extended to New York and Albany. The military postal system was replaced by a civilian post in 1763.

On May the 25th 1849, the issue of stamps by the Province of Canada was approved by the Legislative Assembly of Canada, which issued its first stamp in 1851.

This follows a long history which can be read from the link given below. However, my stamp album comes to Canada from the stamps of King George which were printed in 1911. The third stamp from the top left column was printed in 1928. This was followed by stamps of George VI which were printed in between 1937-1951.

After the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the first definitive stamps bearing her portrait were issued on 1953-05-01 (second column from the left), designed by one Yusuf Karsh – a Canadian of Armenian origin.

All other stamps on this page follow the Queen’s era stamps.


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