Sunday, January 2, 2011

Conquering Everest – the dream of two Pakistani brothers

Mt Everest – or Mt Chomolungma as the Chinese called it or still Mt Sagarmatha in the native Nepali language, the world’s highest peak, is the dream of mountain climbers from across the world. This just over 2 feet (from 29,000 feet) top attracts lot of climbers and is very popular as it does not pose phenomenal technical climbing difficulty as compared to the Pakistani K2 (the second highest after Everest) and Nanga Parbat, both over 8,000 metres. Perhaps the only thing that obstructs the climbers is the weather, which turns so severe that many attempts have to be abandoned and aborted.

Now joining the other mountaineers, two Pakistan brothers, Hassan and Sadiq from the Gilgit Baltistan province have decided to venture the Everest. They are planning to leave this month and are doing it with high spirits and emotions. The government of Pakistan has approved Rs. 6.2 million for the expedition. We pray everything goes well and the duo’s dream to stand on the top of the world comes true.


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