Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Doctors do not subscribe to fried eatables for the fear of increasing cholesterol and adding grease to one’s body. But frying remains one of the easiest cooking in no time rather than formal cooking that takes more time and skills. But for easy and hurried cooking, frying something already stored in the freezer or even new coking can be done in minutes.
Frying is the form of cooking in the fats, like the vegetable oil or even butter. Frying is generally categorized into three forms as under:-
Deep frying which involves lot of oil or fat when heated up to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit usually in a deep fryer or a heavy saucepan on the stove (in which case temperature cannot be gauged). Deep frying is resorted to making the yummy French fries or even potatoes besides chicken, fish and shrimps. One can see these big deep fryers in fast food outlets used extensively for all types of fried cooking.
Stir frying is the second form in which meat, fish or even vegetables are cooked in a skillet or a pan with a round bottom.  The item to be cooked is cut into small pieces and cooked in relatively lesser quantity of fat or so to say in extremely small amount of fat. The food is again cooked on a high temperature but for a very lesser period of time.
Pan frying is usually done in a frying pan and we all know how to fry an egg or an omelet, the easiest of the cooking and the frying thing. Pan frying is also called sautéing. Shami Kebabs are also pan fried in our country. I will share the recipe of making shami kebabs some other day.