Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Astronomers find first Exomoon outside our solar system

Good news for the astronomers viewing our blog:  There is a new moon outside our solar system, some 800 light years away.

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This enormous 'exomoon' is similar in size to the gas giant Neptune and orbits a planet 8,000 light years away called Kepler-1625b. It may be added that so far many exosuns have been discovered, but this is the first time an exomoon has been discovered by the astronomers.

'This would be the first case of detecting a moon outside our solar system,' said  Dr David Kipping, an assistant professor of astronomy at Columbia University.  

Astronomers find first Exomoon outside our solar system: Rocky satellite the size of NEPTUNE is orbiting a gas giant 8,000 light years from Earth

With the help of the Hubble space telescope, an entire 19-hour journey of the distant planet across the surface of its star has been observed. It is reported that three and a half hours after the completion of the event the team then saw a smaller dip in the star's brightness, indicating the passing of a smaller object in front of the star.

See the video by NASA below:
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